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More Than Nutrition 

Affecting personal development in people;

Strengthening individuals, to find their inner confidence;

Counselling you to be the advocate for your own body.

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Welcome to More Than Nutrition, my name's 


"Utilising a non-judgemental, trauma-informed approach, I have helped people, like you, the world over. 

A happier and more fulfilled life can begin from taking control of your own 

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The MTN Story

My eating disorder started at 19 years old. An Italian girl, raised on homemade pizza and pasta, feared all the things she loved. I fell victim to diet culture and as such, created a poor relationship with food.


Feelings of failure and shame pushed me to feeling unsafe in my own body. My greatest ally, myself, steer me with an inner narrative that was frightfully abusive, leaving me fractured - my own body was no longer my friend. 


I continued through life, with this traumatic mindset, allowing myself to be convinced that I deserved the treatment I had given myself, from others. So much so I ended up in an abusive and toxic marriage. Things had to change. 

My first step was inward. I re-evaluated these extreme expectations I held myself upto, rules I had imprisoned myself behind. I started listening to what my body needed, listening to it and accepting what was healthy, coming to feel at home in my body. 

Breaking down these roadblocks I had created for myself and had allowed to influence me, enabled me to have a new and improved relationship with food. My happier and more fulfilled life began from taking control of my body. 


Not having all of the tools to begin, follow or see-out this process is not a fault. Support can make the journey manageable and allow skills like self-regulation and inner confidence to develop. With my approach, you will learn More Than Nutrition.

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