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Hello, I'm  Rebecca Heald


As a trauma informed nutrition and wellness consultant, I help people to heal their relationship with food and take control of their bodies.

Are you ready to stop fighting food?

Do you see food as part of the problem? Do you yo-yo diet, binge eat, avoid foods? Are you confident in your own skin, do you dislike what looks back when you look in the mirror, has your confidence taken a nose dive? Maybe it's not you, maybe it's not the food... maybe it's your relationship with food and the unfriendly beliefs you hold!


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'You can't seriously be going out wearing that!' were just some of the comments that sparked a hatred for my body.

My eating disorder started when I was just 19.

'You can't seriously be going out wearing that!' were just some of the comments that sparked a hatred for my body.

This sparked a poor relationship with food, an Italian girl brought up on homemade pasta and pizza suddenly feared all the things she loved!

All the things that brought her joy as she slowly cut herself off from the world. I became yet another vulnerable victim of diet culture. I felt ashamed, a failure and unsafe in my own body. It wasn’t my friend, in fact nothing about me was.

My inner narrative was scarily abusive so I also thought it was all I deserved from others.


So what changed? Quite simply, I went inward.

I stopped trying to create rules, stopped trying to live by external expectations. I started listening to and accepting my body, my own self. And as I practiced various techniques, I felt more at home with my body. I began to listen and honour it, to show it kindness and compassion. My relationship with food improved, carbs were no longer the 😈, and everything just started to flow …

Becoming your own cheerleader is truly liberating. It where true happiness lies. When you have experienced trauma, it is almost impossible to achieve this without support. Self regulation requires co regulation as you begin to heal yourself.

And so many are carrying this heavy load into the workplace. Yet they are told to 'leave their baggage at the door'.

This further stigmatises and perpetuates poor mental health.


Which is why I now work with organisations to create cultures that truly support the wellbeing of their employees. Because this is the real key to happier humans and better business outcomes.


I infuse my 15 years experience leading teams in the education sector with my nutrition knowledge and life experience to help organisations create psychological safety that leads to high performing teams.

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Which one sounds like you?
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1:1 coaching is my bread and butter! I have helped countless women heal their relationship with food so they can truly be their authentic selves. So you can love, and live, life to the full! Free from the incessant thoughts about what to eat and how to dress.

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Ensure that your employees are safe, healthy and knowledgeable about how to stay so. More than Nutrition can facilitate your business to be the best in your field by creating a strong, happy and healthy workforce – fuel your team to success!

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