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B2B - Workplace Wellness Coaching

What's B2B Workplace Wellness Coaching about?


The problem with traditional programmes are ranging and well established; there is little evidence of their efficacy, they are usually discriminatory and they are often poorly crafted - regularly failing to get to the root of the actual issues.


Traditional Wellness programmes typically reinforce diet culture and weight stigma while also failing to be personalised and make assumptions. This leaves colleagues likely to fall back into old habits soon after finishing. 


With More than Nutrition, the aim is to infuse health and wellbeing into the culture of the organisation from the top down. To give colleagues the tools to manage their own health. By promoting personal awareness and behavioural changes, not only will this create opportunities for all to achieve their potential, but the business will also reap the rewards too. Empolyees being back in control of their own bodies leads to an increase in productivity, decreases stress levels, inspires innovation and encourages effective teamwork.


To speak more about creating agents of change through my 1-2-1 director coaching programme, how we go about cascading the knowledge and other support materials, get in touch to organise a call.

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"Rebecca came to present to my company as part of our Wellbeing initiative. She was absolutely brilliant! Her talk was engaging, educational and enjoyable, with content and tips that apply to ‘real’ life. She is a natural, personable presenter who read the room perfectly and knows her subject inside out. I have already booked her for our next event."

VIC WEBBER; Bluebird Care Lincoln, Scarborough, Bridlington and Harrogate, Director

"Rebecca came to educate my team on how to deconstruct diets. She is incredibly competent and passionate. Her presentations are well organised and delivered. We learned so much on how to be aware of what our bodies need and how to create a healthy relationship with food. We are looking at scheduling more events very soon."

Roksareh Vahid; Manchester Womens Empowerment Group,  founder & chairperson

"Since working with Rebecca, my confidence has increased tenfold. I have more energy in the day and feel more resilient, able to cope with the demands of leading a busy care business whilst actually having energy left to dedicate to my family! I would highly recommend Rebecca’s coaching to any Directors and Leaders."

Lynne Churchill; Bluebird Care Cardiff South & the Vale, Director

Download your FREE guide to How to Prevent Burnout In The Workplace.

We are experiencing a burnout epidemic. 

According to the research conducted by Westfield Health, close to half (46%) of the UK workers are close to burnout.  In fact, 42% of people are feeling more exhausted in 2023 than ever before.  Returning to everyday life following the pandemic is taking its toll and leaders need to take note!


No amount of mental health first aiders, mindfulness workshops or nutrition plans can help prevent burnout.

It’s a “we” problem to solve.


More Than Nutrition's guide on how to prevent burnout in the workplace will help you rethink your approach to wellbeing.


Download it here.

The Greatest Employee Gift?


What is the greatest gift you could give to your valuable staff and employees? Your first instinct may be to think of salaries, bonuses, holidays, training and a fun work environment – one that allows people to develop and grow. These are all very important and commendable components that caring employees look to provide.

However, the truth is that two of life’s greatest gifts are time and health. As an employer, you cannot influence how people manage their time outside of work but in actual fact, you can influence their health and wellbeing. This has the power to give your employees the biggest and most precious benefits.

People who have good knowledge of health and nutrition, typically enjoy more energy and vitality, avoid life-threatening diseases and live longer lives. In the last decade, research has proven that nutritional literacy and intelligent eating regimes have the power to reverse type 2 diabetes and heart disease and can help to overcome cancer.

MTN works on the premise that no two organisations and no two people are the same. This is why we take a highly personalised approach that takes into account a business's unique challenges, culture, people and aspirations.


How Can Workplace Wellness Help My Business?


As an employer, it is one of your primary roles to ensure that your employees are safe, healthy and knowledgeable about how to stay so.


More than Nutrition can facilitate this by:

  • Working on a fully bespoke nutrition education plan to embed across your organisation.

  • Holding educational workshops or seminars.

  • Offering ‘lunch and learn’ opportunities.

  • Group and 1:1 nutrition consultations.

  • Sending out healthy recipes and diet suggestions.

  • Setting health and/or weight loss challenges

  • Offering your top tier of staff a complete nutrition package.

  • Delivering a step-by-step health and wellbeing  programme through an online platform


Don’t go down the route of having a one-off day or isolated workshop – this can overwhelm your staff.  Break it down into a manageable strategy that is fun and engaging, one that will equip your staff for life. 

Building a good relationship with a local Nutritionist means that your staff will know where they can go for more detailed information and advice.  Taking good care of your employees will only benefit you in the long run.

You may feel that the nutrition habits of your staff are none of your business but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Of course, you do need to approach some situations sensitively and cannot impose lifestyle changes on anyone.  This is why education and the support of a caring, understanding professional to guide you are key.

So be the best business in your field by creating a strong, happy and healthy workforce – fuel your team to success!

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