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Rebecca Heald

Workplace Wellbeing and Nutrition

Feeding your business, growing healthy cultures


Welcome to More Than Nutrition, my name's  Rebecca Heald 

"Utilising a non-judgemental, trauma-informed approach, I will help your business implement an effective wellbeing and anti burnout strategy so your people thrive."

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"We are in a burnout epidemic.  No amount of mental health first aiders, mindfulness workshops or nutrition plans can help prevent burnout.  It’s a “we” problem to solve."

Which is why I now work with organisations to create cultures that truly support the wellbeing of their employees. Because this is the real key to happier humans and better business outcomes.

Are you ready to stop fighting food?

Do you see food as part of the problem? Do you yo-yo diet, binge eat, avoid foods? Are you confident in your own skin, do you dislike what looks back when you look in the mirror, has your confidence taken a nose dive? Maybe it's not you, maybe it's not the food... maybe it's your relationship with food and the unfriendly beliefs you hold!


Take a FREE 3 minute survey to receive tailored advice and guidence to improve your relationship with food, and yourself.

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Which one sounds like you?
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1:1 coaching is my bread and butter! I have helped countless women heal their relationship with food so they can truly be their authentic selves. So you can love, and live, life to the full! Free from the incessant thoughts about what to eat and how to dress.

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Ensure that your employees are safe, healthy and knowledgeable about how to stay so. More than Nutrition can facilitate your business to be the best in your field by creating a strong, happy and healthy workforce – fuel your team to success!

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